Parent Disclaimer

Dear Parents,

Interested in teaching your teen driving? Congratulations super parent! Teaching your teen can be a rewarding experience. It provides fulfillment and sense of tenacity not to mention the deference it will make in your teen’s life experience. On the other hand knowing the roles of the road and teaching your teen can be full of drama and legal fuss. Many believe teaching one to drive comes easy but soon they find out that is not the case. It is also important to consider the risks and the pitfalls. There are many reasons this joyful experience can turn into a costly headache. Lack of experience to instruct, not knowing where to start from, unplanned actions and burn outs of keeping them safe yet not hurting their feelings can burden you and add another load on your busy schedule.

Let us help you minimize the risk. Our experienced and capable instructors are here to simplify this long process and stay on track with driver’s education, DMV written test, DMV requirements for new drivers with their permit, DMV road test and much more. We can also help you by taking your teen to their DMV road test in our car.

Well over 18500 students have passed their DMV written test on the first try with our organization, let us add your teen’s name on our list of satisfied customers. We can take away the hassle and complexity of this long process and let you focus on your family.

Let’s start our online session or behind the wheel session by agreeing with some simple terms,


1. You are financially responsible for using our course.
2. There are NO Refunds once pay your course.
3. You are responsible to finish your course within 30 days.
4. You are responsible for extra fees if you are logged in twice under the same name.
5. You are responsible for lost certificate fees.
6. Full online course price is $99.
7. Duplicate certified fees are $99.
8. You are responsible for reading all fine prints and state requirements.

Please call us if you have any questions. (858)752-4089

Having a child with a disability is a challenge and I have always wanted him to feel normal. After MATT Driving School took him for his first In-Car lesson and he returned from his lesson, the smile on his face was priceless.

David Anderson

I lost a daughter to texting and driving. I support and sponsor MATT Driving School efforts to educate teens with their “have a sore thumb.” I have donated and took the pledge myself and ask all San Diego parents to help our teens by contributing to MATT Driving School’s “have a sore thumb” pledge.

by Anonymous

“I learned a lot from classroom experience. I knew how much my driving instructor, Ms. Lopez, knew about driving, but I didn’t know how much she also cared about my safety. Thank you Ms. Lopez and thank you MATT Driving School.”

by Lana Espinoza