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Why MATT Driving School?

MATT Driving School is proud of developing a unique and one on one approach to both our Drivers Education and Drivers training.

Whether you're just learning to drive or have been driving for years, we provide the behind-the-wheel training you need!
Take online drivers education courses today and learn everything you need to know to get behind the wheel fast!
Schedule driving lessons quickly and easily!


According to statistics of U.S Department Transportation, about 200 million people in USA have a driver license. Do we have to have a driving license or not? Nowadays, specifically we are living in modern days requiring cars for living and working, so that it looks like everyone has driver licenses and cars. That’s why whether you're a new teen driver or an experienced driver looking to save money on auto insurance, choosing the right driving school and training approach is a very important act.

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Each student has a unique learning curve. To cluster them all in one group and expect the same result from all of them is both unethical and a disservices to the industry. MATT Driving School has developed a unique and one on one approach to both our Drivers Education and Drivers training. What make us unique is the way we individually approach our student’s needs, whether they be athletes, ESL or just regular students in need of special attention.

Best practice in car
  • Weekdays only
  • Mon-Thur 10am to 2pm Only
  • Certificate not included
  • No Pick up or drop off
  • Same roles as Group on.
Best practice online course
  • Certificate included
  • Unlimited access for a year.
  • Online Only
From $5.99/mo.
Best practice online course
  • Certificate Not included
  • $5.99 Each Month
  • Online Only
  • Start your driver’s education (online or in class) with your parent/guardian’s consent
  • Finish your 10 units online
  • Obtain a certificate DL 400C (pink) or DL 400B (blue)
  • Take your certificates to DMV and take a written test
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  • Once you’ve successfully passed your written test, call and schedule your first 2 hour in-car lesson
  • After the first lesson with your instructor, your permit will be validated to drive with you parents or guardians
  • You must drive a total of 6 hours with driving school to obtain a DL 400D (yellow)
  • You have to wait 6 months from the date you have received your learners permit
  • Finish your 50 hours of practice with your parents 40 hours day 10 hours night.
  • Schedule your road test with DMV
  • Please be advised that your license is issued with exceptions refer to page 9 of DMV handbook.

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